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Personal injury law allows the injured person to seek compensation for the harm that was caused to them. To do this, they need to prove that the accused, or the defendant, is liable for the damage. If the defendant is proven guilty, they must compensate the plaintiff for the injury. It is vital that you collect evidence immediately after an accident to help your case if you are physically well enough to do so.

A traffic violation may have more serious consequences than many people realize. High insurance premiums and license suspension or revocation are common consequences for offenses like reckless driving or hit and run. Before you pay that fine, contact The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC first. They may be able to provide you with alternatives.

If you have been accused of a crime, people may automatically assume that you are guilty, even if the charge is dismissed. If your arrest record is getting in the way of your life, call The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC. They can help you clear your record and restore your good name.

The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC has handled many DUI cases. They conduct a thorough investigation and negotiate to obtain the best possible result.

Fighting to protect your constitutional rights

The attorneys at The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC understand that being accused of a crime is an unpleasant and confusing experience. Their guidance and advice during this difficult period may make the difference between going to jail and keeping your freedom. If you or someone you love is accused of a crime, contact The Hatcher Law Office, PLLC for a consultation.